Wailing Miserere is the musical alias of Lucy Hague. Lucy is originally from Orkney, Scotland, where she began writing and recording in 2001; she currently lives in Edinburgh. Her music draws inspiration from a wide range of styles, from folk to jazz to progressive rock. She plays a number of instruments, including piano, guitar and tin whistle.

Wailing Miserere’s EP Tales Untold was released in 2012 and the project has been on a extended hiatus since then, whilst Lucy has concentrated on designing and publishing knitting pattern books - but watch this space for more music!).

Lucy contributed vocals, piano and whistle to the Still Light album Lything (2009).


Tales Untold

by Wailing Miserere

Alex Benzie – percussion (track 2); John Burgess – soprano saxophone; Lucy Hague – vocals, piano, guitars, tin whistle, bodhran; Kirill Nikolai – mellotron; William Oke – double bass; Tom Pickles – flute; Paul Reynolds – mandolin; Carrie Mary Thomas – fiddle; Andrew Thomson – lead guitar (track 3); Richard Werner – percussion, drumkit.

Tracks 1- 3 recorded and engineered by Richard Werner at B&B Studios, Edinburgh. Track 4 recorded live at Ceilidh Culture 2012 (The Counting House, Edinburgh). Mixed by Lucy Hague.

Words, music and arrangements – Lucy Hague (except Track 2 – instrumental melody from traditional Irish slip-jig and Track 4 – words from traditional English folk song).


Older recordings

by Wailing Miserere

Glittertind (2006-ish)

Lucy Hague - vocals, guitar, mandolin; Tom Pickles - flute